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@williedevine84: Guess who went on the Harry Potter studio tour today…?!




jay introducing harry to friends/family are what dreams are made of


Okay, this is actually the sweetest thing ever because you know Niall can’t play because of his ‘dodgy knees’ and Harry just wanted to make him happy. That’s real friendship.



Harry wore my collage tuition today



The mystery of Louis and the break-up's tweet


Hypothesis a: Louis did it, and it’s about his boyfriend Harry

Clues: ……?

Exceptions: Jay’s wedding just this week. (Harry in every photo, Anne fonding at him and Louis’ grandad, Jay presenting him to all the family..)

Hypothesis b: did it, and…

Anonymous whispered: Whys niall your fav?
Anonymous whispered: I'm surprised zayn got hate since everybody hates the Jew and think that we are murderers and freePalastine was trending on twitter I'm surprised bc I thought everybody was on their side


eh, no. also, i don’t appreciate the tone of this ask - if it’s what i’m picking up on - because #freepalestine trending and “hating the jews” is not the same thing.

it’s slightly more complicated than that. there’s a lot of misinformation and just general ignorance surrounding the subject, and people are not exactly to blame (excluding the islamophobic aspect of it) because frankly to understand what’s happening in israel/palestine would require several history lessons and more.. 

However , people are to blame when making statements despite their lack of information. It all depends on how the media portrays the conflict, it’s different depending on where you live or what channel you watch or whatever. There are different questions one has to ask themselves when making a statement - although i would encourage making none. I read more about it yesterday and it just made me more confused, because of the change in reports and information - i mean, you can’t find two articles that are the same on it.

Not to mention religion is heavily involved in all of this - i mean it’s the reason it started after all -  which means islamophobic people will be more keen to support Israel. So saying everyone hates Israel - well, that’s just untrue - though not everyone supports it for the right reasons. Which brings us to the death threats. 

It was an incredibly IMPORTANT thing for Zayn to do what he did. Expressing his support for a muslim country while working in an industry that whitewashes and is racist, while being one of the VERY few singers in it that represent what he represents. 

But of course people are stupid. And it all came down to hate towards one country or the other. People going all pro-israel and pro-palestine. THIS, is what i do NOT support. Do not make statements on things you know nothing about. 

This is more than a matter of just “Israel bombing Gaza”, because yes that is a tragedy, it borders genocide, but there’s so much history behind it, and the Hamas, and just general fucked up shit basically. This is a very old conflict that just needed a trigger to manifest itsself in this horrible way. Having said that: even though the matter is delicate and forming a proper opinion on THE POLITICAL SIDE OF IT is something most people wouldn’t be able to do : there are things that are wrong. Absolutely wrong. In any kind of circumstance:

Islamophobia. supporting israel because of it - and not because of historical context -  I mean who are we kidding, do half the people sending hate know why all this is happening ? 

It is disgusting that we have to tell people that mass murder is wrong. It is disgusting that it all comes down to generalizations and hurtful statements that do nothing but harm. And it is also sad, that history has not taught people enough to not go saying things like “i hate the jews”, or “i hate muslims”. It is sad.

Louis and his mom at her wedding.